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uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac
uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac

uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac

13 Reviews
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by Brawer Canada
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Customize Your Desktop Theme with Powerful Tab Grouping Options, Previews, In-Dock Reminders, & More


Never liked the Mac dock? You can change that with uBar, a dock replacement that can be set up as a dock or a taskbar, and will open a world of customization. With powerful tab grouping options, window previews, in-dock reminders, and many more features, uBar will help you get the most out of your Mac.

Used at Google, Facebook, HP, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Tumblr, Intuit, and more

  • Find the window you're looking for at a glance
  • Customize your dock orientation & desktop theme
  • Expand to up to 5 rows & easily differentiate between hidden & viewable applications
  • See app activity, app badges, app flashes, app progress, & app status all in a simple, centralized interface
  • Display uBar on any individual monitor, or on all the ones you're using
  • Add your favorite apps, folders, & files to the favorites area
  • Pin or unpin uBar to any corner of the screen for what works for you
  • See the track position in multimedia apps like iTunes & VLC
  • Spot launching & unresponsive apps immediately on the toolbar
  • Analyze CPU & memory usage of each app
  • Quit apps quickly by holding the Shift key


Important Details

  • Redemption: must redeem within 30 days of purchase. Redemption is required on a desktop device
  • Length of access: lifetime for one user
  • Version 4.1.5
  • Minor updates included (4.X.X)
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System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later

About the Developer

Brawer Software provides a wide-range of software development services and solutions. Whatever you need, be it an app, website, mobile website, or desktop application, we provide the design and development experience needed to make it a success. Send us an email and we can discuss how to best bring your project or idea to fruition.


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13 Reviews
4.3/ 5
All reviews are from verified purchasers collected after purchase.

Philip Le Bas

Verified Buyer

I like the windows feel with uBar 4 and its integration into Mac OS and this product delivers. An initial issue with registering the product was sorted quickly and professionally by stack social Customer Service, so all good thank you! The value of the s/w also has appeal!

Mar 27, 2024
Kimberly Alberts profile picture

Kimberly Alberts

Verified Buyer

Does exactly what I wanted it to! A second dock on a second monitor. Well, it's more like a second toolbar, but it autohides so that doesn't matter. But second dock on second monitor. (When I'm working, my main monitor is switched to my work computer, so I can only see my secondary monitor.)

Feb 11, 2024
Michael Tran profile picture

Michael Tran

Verified Buyer

uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac offers a mixed bag of functionality and convenience. While it does have some positive aspects, there are a few drawbacks that are worth considering. One of the critical features that uBar offers is the ability to set it to open at login. However, in my experience, it only reliably does so sometimes. This inconsistency can be frustrating, especially for users who rely on a smooth and efficient startup process. Another aspect to keep in mind is its memory usage. uBar 4 tends to consume slightly more memory than one might anticipate. This can concern those conscious of system resource usage or running Macs with limited RAM. Despite these drawbacks, uBar four still manages to be a decent app. Its toolbar provides an alternative way to access and manage open applications and windows, which can be helpful for users who prefer a different approach to the standard macOS Dock. In conclusion, the uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac is a functional application with strengths and weaknesses. While it only sometimes opens reliably at login and can be somewhat memory-intensive, it still serves its purpose as an alternative toolbar for Mac users. I rate it 3/5 stars, acknowledging its potential but leaving room for improvement in reliability and resource efficiency.

Dec 20, 2023


Verified Buyer

ubar brings a really easy to configure and auto-hiding starterbar to the Mac including a menubar that is almost like in Windows (XP/2000) or panels as in XFCE for Linux. So changing between OSes is optically easy. Also colors, location, menu entries or things like starters (as in native dock but e,g, with a preview of the window) are configurable with only a few clicks. Sceptical I used to start it by hand for the first days but it has gained a place in autostart. Thanks Macworld for the deal!

Oct 17, 2022
Matt Dell profile picture

Matt Dell

Verified Buyer

Brings the Windows taskbar experience to the Mac plus more features For those new to Mac OSX or those like me who want options rather than the Dock this is great Good price here on Stack - half the price of App Store

Jun 16, 2022

Ralf Willinghoefer

Verified Buyer

Windows Feeling on the Mac? No problem with UBar. Ubar replaces the dock bar with a Windows-like start bar. The extensive settings options allow for a high degree of personalization. If you want to have a Windows look and feel again, you should buy and install Ubar. A clear buy recommendation!

May 15, 2022
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